Permitted by the State Administration of Medicine, School of Science was founded in 11/1980, including chemistry department and English department. Due to the requirement of teaching development, the department of applied electronic computer was established in 04/1984, which is also called micro-computer department. At the same time, the department of maths and physics was divided into maths department and physical department respectively. In 1987, the micro-computer department was renamed as the computer center. In 1988, the maths department was divided into the pplied maths department and advanced maths department.

In 1990, the Basic School was the first school moving to Yanziji campus. In 02/1992, the organic department was attributed to the Basic School. In 1993, all the departments were tuned completely by the university. According to the requirement, the Basic School consisted of eight departments including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, English, physics, maths, and P.E.

In 11/1993, the computer department was established. In 05/1994, the English training center of China pharmaceutical University was established, which was under the leadership of English department. In 12/1995, based on the analysis chemistry department, the “new drug quality standard study center” was established. In 09/1996, the “applied chemistry institute of China Pharmaceutical University” was established.

In 1997, the basic chemical lab was established, which passed the qualified evaluation of the Jiangsu Provincial Education Committee, and was selected as the teaching and experiment center of Jiangsu University. It was one of the existing six chemical teaching and experiment centers in Jiangsu Universities. In 04/2004, the English department was established formally, and enrolled students facing our country.

In 2003, the discipline of information management and information system was subordinate to the Basic School. In September of the same year, the department of information management and information system was established. The qualified teaching team was established and the teaching target and requirement was specified accordingly. In 2009, the English department was independent of the Basic School. In 2011, the department of environmental science was established. The professional foundation was gradually intensified, and thequality of new professional students could be assured.

In 05/2012, the Basic School was renamed as the “School of Science”.

Now, School of Science possesses 7 departments (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, maths, physics, information management science) and 1 chemical basic experimental teaching demonstration center. There is one major of information management and information system for the undergraduate. There are five Master’s degree licensing majors (pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical information, chemistry, and applied statistics) and three Ph.D.’s degree licensing majors ((pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical information). Now there are 190 teachers in the school, among which there are 10 professors, 59 associated professors, and 18 outstanding talented persons including distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province, the new century outstanding talented person supported by Ministry of Education, 333 project, and Qing-Lan project.

In recent years, there are nearly 100 projects presided or participated by the teachers in School of Science, 10 teaching revolution projects, and 10 textbooks compiling for “Ten Five-Year”, “Eleventh Five-Year” National Planned Textbook, 4 provincial excellent curriculums. There are 2 national teaching awards, and one is the first prize, the other is the second prize. There are 5 province-level awards (1 special award and 4 second awards), 6 provincial high quality textbook awards.

The new methods for education, teaching, and management will be improved continuously. The daily educational mode will be further intensified to make progress in education, teaching and scientific study. Facing with the new challenges and chances, we will try our best to cooperate with all talented people, mainly focus on the construction, revolution and development. Taking the discipline construction as the main line, we will insist on the education and combing outputs, study with research. We will inherit the fine school style of “fine industry and economy”, creating a better future for School of Science!