The Academy of Science holds the 2018 "Yao Du " Scholarship Award ceremony

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On the morning of May 27, the 2018 Yao du Scholarship Awards ceremony was held in the C116 lecture hall of Jiangning Campus Experimental Building. Dr. Li Jing, Chairman of Yadu Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Ding Hongxia of CEO, the leader of the College of Science and representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Xinhu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Science.

First of all, Zhang Yinghuan, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Science, read out the recognition decision, and the leaders of the college and enterprises issued the award certificate to the award-winning students. After the award, Tong Xiaochia, a student representative of Grade 2015, made a speech on behalf of all the award-winning students, expressing his sincere gratitude to Yao du Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd for supporting the development of the students, and sharing his learning experience with the teachers and students present.

Then, Dr. Li Jing, chairman of Yaodu Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., from his own experience of study and work, expounded the original intention of setting up scholarships, encouraging students to focus on book knowledge, ambition and study hard during the university period. Reward the school, repay the society.

Finally, in his speech, Professor Zhong Wenying, dean of the College of Science, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Yadu Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., while encouraging students to cherish their learning opportunities, establish a sense of responsibility, and be grateful. And hope that the whole college students take the winner as an example, see the wise thinking, study hard, actively innovate, and promote their own all-round development.

Yaodu Scholarship is funded by Yaodu Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., which aims to encourage students majoring in information management and information systems to study hard, practice bravely, innovate and develop in an all-round way. Actively participate in the national medical information cause.

Through the award ceremony, the students firmly strive to become an information elite in the pharmaceutical industry, at the same time promote further cooperation between institutions and enterprises, and build a broader platform for the training of students in the future.


ContributorHuang Hui

    TranslatorZhou Tianyi