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Lecturer of Information Management and Information System

School of College of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185122

Email: jiangyulei@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Jiang’s research focuses on the development and application of new computational and informatics methods and tools for drug design and discovery


2008       M.S.,  Software EngineeringNanjing University

1998       B.S.,   Computer ScienceSoochow University

Awards and Honors

2012   Second Prize, for teaching achievementChina Pharmaceutical University

2008   Second Prize, for Excellent Course,China Pharmaceutical University



1. University Information Technology Foundation Practice Course Nanjing University Press,2015.8

2. University Computer Experimental Guide - Medical Information Technology FoundationShanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2017.9

Papers and Articles

[1]  Tai W, Lu T, Yuan H, Wang F, Liu H, Lu S, Leng Y, Zhang W, Jiang YL*, Chen Y*.Pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening studies to identify new c-Met inhibitors. J Mol Model. 2012 Jul;18(7):3087-100. doi: 10.1007/s00894-011-1328-5.

[2] Leng Y, Lu T, Yuan HL, Liu HC, Lu S, Zhang WW, Jiang YL*, Chen YD*.QSAR studies on imidazopyrazine derivatives as Aurora A kinase inhibitors.SAR QSAR Environ Res. 2012 Oct;23(7-8):705-30. doi: 10.1080/1062936X.2012.719541.

[3] Jiang, Yu-Lei; Yuan, Hao-Liang; Zhang, Wei-Wei; Liu, Hai-Chun; Zhang, Yan-Min; Xiong, Xiao; Xu, Jin-Xing; Lu, Shuai; Lu, Tao; Chen, Ya-Dong. De Novo Design of High Potent DPP-IV Inhibitors Based on the Scaffold of Cyanopyrrolidine. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2015,,12(6), pp. 479-487