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Lecturer of Computer

School of Science

Phone: 13951871295


Research Summary

My research area includes finite Geometry and coding theory. Finite Geometry deals with geometrical problems on finite sets. It uses both algebraic and geometrical methods to solve problems defined in this area. Coding theory deals with the design problems on how to transmit efficiently the codes as well as how to detect the errors. Even error-correction codes can be designed by various methods from mathematical results.  


2006-2011   Ph.D., maths,  

Nanyang Technological University

2002-2006B.S.,  maths and maths application,  Northwestern Polytechnic University

Academic Experience

2011-2012Project Officer, Nanyang Technological University

2012 Research Faculty, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Y Huang, B Schmidt, Uniqueness of some cyclic projective planes, Designs, Codes & Cryptography,2009 , 50 (2) :253-266