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Lecturer of Mathematics

School of Science

Phone: 17512557932

Research Summary

Main research fieldsBiostatistics, drug safety evaluation and mathematical modeling in pharmaceutical research. In recent years, she has published many articles, presided the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities and participated in several National Natural Science Foundation of China.


2001-2004M.S.,  Probability Theory and Mathematical StatisticsSoutheast University

1997-2001B.S.,   Mathematics EducationShanxi Normal University

Academic Experience

2007-Now    Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, School of Science, China Pharmaceutical University

2004-2007    Assistant, Department of Mathematics, School of Science, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

SAS programming and statistical analysisExcellent Graduate Courses in Jiangsu Province

Excellent Courses

Jiangsu Province Office of Education



Statistical problems in drug researchExcellent Graduate Courses in Jiangsu Province

Excellent Courses

Jiangsu Province Office of Education



Medical Statistics Course System Reform and Innovative Talents Practice

The First Prize for Teaching Achievement

In China Pharmaceutical  University  



the Chinese Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

the Second and Third Prize

In Jiangsu Province




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