LIU Yinbo

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Liu, Yingbo

Lecturer of   Mathematics    Department

Teaching  secretary of    Mathematics  Department  

School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185165


Research Summary

The  research  focuses  on   nonlinear  partial  differential  equations.   Recently   the  work  is   mainly  establishing   the global  smooth small data solution   or  the  blow-up  solution  of  

the multi-dimentional quasilinear wave equation  with coefficients   depending    both  on  the solution  itself   and   the  derivatives  of   the  solution   of   the  equation   provided that the null conditions    hold  or not.


2017       Ph.D.,  Applied  Mathematics,  Nanjing   University

2012       M.S.,   Applied  MathematicsNanjing  University

2008       B.S.,   Mathematics   and   Applied   MathematicsXinyang Normal   University

Academic Experience

2017-now    Lecturer  of   Mathematics,  School  of   Science,  China  Pharmaceutical  University

2014-2016   visit  Ph.D  student,     Mathematical   Institute,  University  of   Goettingen  

2010-2014   Assistant,  Department  of   Mathematics,  Nanjing  University


1.The small  data solutions of  general 3D quasilinear wave  equations. I,  Ding  BingBing,  Liu  Yingbo    and  Yin   HuichengSIAM J. Math. Anal.  47, no.6 (2015) 4192-4228       

2.Small  data solutions of 2-D quasilinear  wave equations under null  conditions,  Liu  Yingbo  and   Witt,  Ingo, Acta Mathematica Scientia         201838B(1):1-26