WU Yun

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Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

School of Science

Phone : 86-25-86185151

Email : wychem@126.com

Research Summary

Associateprofessor WU’s research focuses on Molecular Simulation and Quantum Chemistry Calculation in Medicinal Chemistry and the interactions of the drug molecules and their targets investigated using UV-vis absorption, fluorescence spectrum, circular dichroism, electro

chemistry and molecular modeling.


1995    M. S.,  Physical Chemistry, , Suzhou University

1992    B. A.,  Chemistry Education, Suzhou University

Academic Experience

1995-   Physical Chemistry, School of Science,

China Pharmaceutical University


 Yun Wu, Yanyan Wang, Hui Chen, Shanshan Ge, Jinling Zhang,Chun Mao,Hongyan Ding, and Jian Shen,Preparation and Biocompatibility of Gold@Polypyrrole-Chitosanwith Core–ShellNanostructure, Journal ofNanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2016, 16:2343.

 Yun Wu, HuiMao, Bo Zhao and Jian Shen,The interaction of clenbuterolhydrochloridewith bovine hemoglobin usingspectroscopictechniques and molecular modeling methods, Spectroscopy, 2009, 23:271.

 YunWu,BoZhao andBaolong Li, N-[4-(4-Nitro

benzylideneamino)phenyl]acetamide, Acta Cryst. 2006, E62: o5677.

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