WNG Xianfeng

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Leturer of Physical Chemistry

School of Basic Science of China Pharmaceutical University

Phone: 15380769758

Email: gordon_wang2002@163.com

Research Summary

Most studies focuse on the how to teach students whose major is not chemistry physical chemistry. A unwritten plan is SPOC (small private online course) that is a typical curriculum teaching mode in the post-MOOC era with characteristics of anti-popularization, restriction and intensification. The goal is to achieve the deep integration between MOOC and traditional classroom teaching to the most degree. Based on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the MOOC and characteristics of SPOC blended teaching. It is hoped to cultivate students' autonomic learning ability, team cooperation consciousness and scientific research and innovation spirit.


1997       M.S.,  PhysicalChemistryUniversityofScienceand Technology of China

1994       B.S.,   Chemical EducationAnhui Normal University

Academic Experience

2000-      Leturerof Physical Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1997-2000Teaching assistant of Physical Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2010Excellence Award of 10th Multimedia Courseware Grand Prix of China, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


Physical Chemistry.Najing: Southeast University Press. 2006

Experiment and guide for Physical Chemistry. Beijing: China medicine science and technology press, 2009