RUAN Xiuqin

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Ruan, Xiuqin

Ph. D,  Lecturer of Physical chemistry department of School of Science.


Research Summary

The direction of my research is design and synthesis of compounds with antitumor activity as Kinesin Spindle Protein inhibitor. I also study the Gaussian calculation try to using this method to determine the stereo structure of the chiral compounds. I've studied electron transfer reactions of N-substituted phenothiazine-β-cyclodextrin  before. I’m also doing some research on nanomaterials.


1994  B.S.  Appling chemistry , Lanzhou University

1997  M.S.  Organic chemistry, Lanzhou University           

2009  Ph.D.  Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2000.10 - present  Dept. of Physical chemistry, College of Science, China Parmaceutical University // Lecturer

Courses taught:  Physical Chemistry & Experiment for Physical Chemistry

1997.7 - 2000.9   Dept. of Inorganic chemistry, College of Science, China Parmaceutical University // Teaching assistant

Courses taught:  Inorganic Chemistry & Experiment for Inorganic Chemistry


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