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Meng Wei

School of Sciences  

China Pharmaceutical University

#639 Longmian Avenue

Nanjing Jiangsu

The People’s Republic of China, 211198

Office Telephone: +86-25-86185155



  1. Preparation and characterization of silver nanomaterials

  2. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering

  3. Design and synthesis of surfactants  


Jan 2005 - current

Jul 2002 - Jan 2005   

Mar 2000 - Jul 2002


Department of Physical Chemistry, School of Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University  

Staff Member

Office of Academic Affairs, China Pharmaceutical University

Student Counsellor

 School of Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University


Mar 2006 - Jan 2014

Sep 1997 - Mar 2000

Sep 1993 - Jul 1997

Ph.D. of Materials Science and Technology, Key Laboratory for Soft Chemistry and Functional Material of Ministry Education, Nanjing University of Science &Technology (on-the-job)

Thesis Title: Preparation of silver colloids with high SERS activities and study on its enhancement mechanism

M.A. of Materials, Nanjing University of Science & Technology (Full time)   

Thesis Title: Toughening and reinforcing of HIPS with nano TiO2

B.E. of Industrial Chemistry, Nanjing University of Science & Technology (Full time)


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