XU Guangfu

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Associate Professor of pharmaceutical analysis

School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185150

Email: 13951021451@139.com

Research Summary

Associate Professor XU’s research focuses on pharmaceutical analysis which includes the evaluation of new analytical method, the separation of enantiomers and the analysis of environmental complex system.


2005       M.S.,  pharmaceutical analysisChina pharmaceutical university

1998       B.S.,   pharmaceutical analysisChina pharmaceutical university


  1. Xu, Guangfu; Du, Yingxiang; Du, Fan. Establishment and evaluation of the novel tetramethylammonium-L-hydroxyproline chiral ionic liquid synergistic system based on clindamycin phosphate for enantioseparation by capillary electrophoresis. Chirality, 2015, 27(9), 598-604.

  2. Xu, Guangfu; Du, Yingxiang; Chen, Bin. Investigation of enantioseparation of basic drugs with erythromycin lactobionate as a chiral selector in CE. Chromatogrophia, 2010, 72(3-4), 289-295.