TANG Weifang

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Professorof MedicinalChemistry

Associate Dean of School of Science

School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185182

Email: tangwf126@126.com

Research Summary

Professor Tang’s research focuses on Design and synthesis of small molecules as probes of physiologically important cellular processes and as modulators of pathological conditions, with a focus on cardiovascular diseases and cancer. (Organic synthesis; Computer-aided drug design; Chemical biology).The current projects include: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of pan-Raf/Ret multi-target inhibitors as antitumor drug. Professor Tang is the co-inventor of FN-1501, an anticancer agent in clinical trials.


2008       Ph.D., MedicinalchemistryChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity

2000       M.S., MedicinalchemistryChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity

1988       B.S.,   Chemical pharmacyChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity

Academic Experience

2017-     Professor of MedicinalChemistry, SchoolofScience.

2002-2017Associate Professor of MedicinalChemistry, SchoolofScience.


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