SHI Zhihao

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Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Science China Pharmaceutical University

Phone: 86-25-86185172


Research Summary

  • New organic synthetic Methods which can efficiently construct frameworks of pharmaceutical compounds or fragments of biologically-active natural products.

  • Synthesis and structural modification of natural products with interesting bioactivity in antitumor.

  • Drug design based on in vivo metabolism mechanism and CADD.


2007     Ph.D., Applied Chemistry,

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

2004     M.S., Applied Chemistry,

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

2002      B.S., Chemical Engineering & Technology

Qilu University of Technology

Academic Experience

2015-      Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Science, China Pharmaceutical University

2015-2016  Department of Chemistry

Davenport Chemical Laboratories, University of Toronto


School of Science, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors


1. Juntao Ye, Zhihao Shi, Theresa Sperger, Yoshifumi Yasukawa, Cian Kingston, Franziska Schoenebeck, Mark Lautens.Remote C-H Alkylation and C-C Bond Cleavage Enabled by an in situ Generated Palladacycle.Nat. Chem.2017, 9, 361-368.

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