LU Tao

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Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Vice President of CPU

School of Sciences

Phone: 86-25-86185086


Research Summary

The main research interests of Prof. LU are de novo drug design and chemical synthesis, computer-aided drug design, organic synthesis methodology, pharmaceutical biostatistics and computational pharmacy. He has presided over a number of national and provincial projects. His current research group has more than 10 funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His group’s self-developed anti-tumor compound was transferred to Shanghai Fosun Pharma Co., Ltd. with 50 million RMB. He has published more than 100 SCI research papers and advised 13 PhD students and 85 graduate students. The group now has 11 PhD candidates and 42 graduate students.He is executive edit-in-chief of Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences, editorial board member for Journal of China Pharmaceutical University and peer-reviewer with many SCI journals such as the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (JMC), European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (EJMC) and Journal of Molecular Modeling (JMM).


1998-2001       Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, CPU

1998-2000       The University of Texas at Austin

1986-1989       M.S.,  Medicinal Chemistry, CPU

1980-1984       B.S.,   Medicinal Chemistry, CPU

Academic Experience

2013-      Vice President of CPU

2004-      Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, CPU


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