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Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Sience

Phone: 86-25-86185173


Research Summary

Professor LIU’s research focuses on finding and designing of new molecules as potentialpharmaceutical agents including anti-cancer, anti-infectiveand cardiovascular agents.  Her underlying interests include the development of new synthetic methodologies as well as the opportunity to establish important structure-function relationships for these natural products with medicinal significance.


2009     Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

2000     B.S., Basic PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2015-      Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry,

School of Sience, CPU

2009-2015Assistantof Medicinal Chemistry,

School of Sience, CPU


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  2. Chaolei Wang, Zheng Wu, Hao Cai, Shengtao Xu, Jie Liu,* Jieyun Jiang, Hequan Yao, Xiaoming Wu, Jinyi Xu*. Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and docking study of 4-isochromanone hybrides bearing N-benzyl pyridinium moiety as dual binding site acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett..2015, 25(22):5212-5216.

  3. Chaolei Wang, Guoxiang Wei, Yue Huang, Xue Yang, Hequan Yao, Jieyun Jiang,Jie Liu,*Mingqin Shen, Xiaoming Wu, Jinyi Xu*.First total synthesis of antihypertensive naturalproducts S-(+)-XJP and R-(−)-XJP. Organic&BiomolecularChemistry,2014,12(37):7338-44.

  4. Renren Baia, Xiaojing Huang, Xue Yang, Wen Hong, Yiqun Tang, Hequan Yao, Jieyun Jiang,Jie Liu, * Mingqin Shen, Xiaoming Wu,* Jinyi Xua. * Novel hybrids of natural isochroman-4-one bearing N-substitutedisopropanolamine as potential antihypertensive candidates.Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry,2013, 21, 2495-2502.

  5. Rong Fu, Qiujuan Wang, Qinglong Guo, Jinyi Xu, Xiaoming Wu. XJP-1 inhibits expression of NADPH oxidase subunits and activates eNOS through PI3K/Akt pathway in HUVECs activated by ox-LDL. Vascular pharmacology, 2013;58:78-86 .

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