Department of Physics

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Department of Physicsmainly engaged in University Undergraduate Physics and related disciplines, teaching and research work.Nowpermanentstaffof18 people, including 1 Professor, 5 Associate Professor, 11 lecturers and 1 lab technician. Currently teaching courses including:"General Physics" sub-class science base of 102 hours; Pharmaceutical 102 hours; Chinese class 84 hours; "Electric Electronics" (traditional Chinese medicine and electives); "Medical Physics" (optional);"History of Physics" (elective); "Introduction to modern analytical instruments" (optional) and so on.Laboratory of experimental physics courses, including mechanics, electricity, magnetism to optics, modern physics, and so a total of more than 20.Office of the existing laboratory room fifteen, with an area of 800 square meters.Students may apply for each experiment offered 22 groups (sets) that each person in a group. In heavy teaching, teaching and research section of the relevant characteristics of the combination of our professional staff also conducted some research work, in particular the teaching and research, nuclear magnetic resonance, optical stability of medicines, chemistry, biology, physics, superconducting magnetic materials are doing a lot of work to write a lot of paper.

Textbooks, as a national medical university physics textbook writing unit, has been Chief Editor and co-editor of the National Medical University pharmacy teaching materials. One of the physics experiments and guidance (Chinese pharmaceutical press); "an introduction to modern analytical instruments, etc.

Over the years has been a steadfast, serious, hard-working style is engaged in teaching and research work, both in previous students leave a good reputation and has been praised by his superiors, the departments concerned. In 1998, the Department was rated as "Jiangsu second class elite courses"; in 2001, the laboratory has passed the provincial Department of one of the first basic laboratory qualified acceptance; one was rated as advanced worker of the State pharmaceutical administration; 2 people were rated as excellent educators. In the new educational situation, all officers are dedication to dedicate themselves to their duties, work diligently to educating.

Faculty Members:

HAN Yongsheng (Director)

ZHOU Chunhong (Deputy Director)

MA Jun (Secretary)

SHI Xuejuan

YAO Zhengrong

HE Zhengda


JIANG Yanling

LI Yaling

WANG Zhonghu

YANG Hongxin

YANG Minnan

DU Jinbo


HAN Dongqiang

DING Guixiang

MENG Yaohua