Department of Physical Chemistry

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Department of Physical Chemistry is one of the oldest departments in China Pharmaceutical University. Many famous physical chemists had worked  here, such as Fu Xiancai, Ding Xuliang, Zhang Jiangshu and Zhang Fuzhong.

Over past decades, the Department of Physical Chemistry has been improving day by day, and now the proficient teaching team is reasonable in age structure, high in education level, strong in teaching and research. Department of Physical Chemistry has 19 staff members, including 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 9 doctoral degree owners. All of them are from comprehensive university in China or Oversee.

Teaching Work

The department of Physical Chemistry mainly undertakes the courses of Physical Chemistry and experiment for the undergraduates from Pharmacy, traditional Chinese Pharmacy, Life Science and Technology, Engineering. The department carries out teaching reform and research centered on the construction of Physical Chemistry and experimental courses, and focuses on the construction of curriculum and teaching materials. A physical chemistry curriculum system with pharmacological characteristics has been formed. after several generation of physicochemical efforts.

The department of  Physical Chemistry undertakes a number of teaching reform subjects,  publishes many teaching reform papers and has received many teaching achievements.It focuses on cultivating young backbone teachers and improving their teaching standard. A number of teachers won awards in teaching competitions.

Research Output

In recent years, this department staff have undertaken a number of projects funded by National Natural Science Foundations of China or Jiangsu Province Natural Science  Foundations. The department of Physical Chemistry team published 87 articals in SCI journals, and held 6 patents.

Faculty Members:

XU kaijun (Director)

RUAN Xiuqin (Deputy Director)

HU Ying (Secretary)

HAN Yongwu

YU Danni




LI Wenhai

XI Junting

LEI Yuntao

WU Yun

HU Fang

KAN Zigui

WANG Xianfeng


ZHANG Zhenghua

LI Minghao

SI Chengyun