Department of Analytical Chemistry

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Department of Analytical Chemistry was one of the first to be authorized as the bases for master and doctoral degree by state education commission in 1981 and 1986, respectively. Ministry of education key laboratory of drug quality control and pharmacovigilance, as research base, was built by us and pharmaceutical analysis department in 2006. It passed acceptance in 2009. Nowadays, analytical chemistry department has 35 staffs, including 5 professors and 16 associate professors. Among them, two was elected in ‘new century talent supporting project’ by education ministryone was honored as the leader of '333' young scientific technology in Jiangsu province, and one was honored as the young leader of ‘blue project’ in Jiangsu province. We work together in a coordinated, positive, and research oriented way, with a clear staff structure and academic ladder. Analytical chemistry department is undertaking the professional foundation courses of analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis and related experiments for undergraduate students in the whole university. In addition, we also undertake different types of opening experiments and innovative experiments teaching tasks. The course of analytical chemistry was awarded as excellent course and adult education excellent course in Jiangsu province in 2008 and 2010, respectively. In 2017, this course in English version was achieved Jiangsu province excellent courses for foreigner students.

 According to the requirements of frontier discipline and national scientific development, our department combines analytical chemistry with pharmacy, Chinese medicine, material science, environmental science and biochemistry, developing the following research directions: pharmaceutical instrumental analysis, new material and technology for pharmaceutical analysis, chiral separation, microfluidic chip, environmental analysis and quality control of new drug, etc. In recent five years, more than 100 projects have been accomplished and being in progress in our department, including 10 State Natural Science and Youth Fund projects. Account funds is more than 20 million. We published about 400 research papers on domestic and overseas journals, including 240 SCI, EI papers, and the impact factor of 100 papers is higher than 3.0.

Faculty Members:

 JI Yibing (Director)

 XU Guangfu (Deputy Director)

 ZHAO Peixuan (Secretary)

 HAO Lijun

 WANG Zhiqun

 YAN Zhengyu

 HE Hua

 SHEN Weiyang

 YU Tao

 YU Qingfeng

 ZHENG Chaohua

 JIANG Shumin

 LUO Xuefang

 SUN Meiling

 CHEN Deying

 YE Baofen

 WANG Yuchun

 XIAO Ying

 ZHOU Dashun

 WU Ning


 LIAO Shenghua

 JIA Huning

 CHEN Rong

 ZHAO Disi

 LI Shulan

 WU Shengmei

 WANG Jing

 LI Ruijun

 YUE Wanqing

 XIAO Deli

 DRAMOU Pierre