Department of Inorganic Chemistry

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The department of Inorganic Chemistry was established to meet the needs of pharmaceutical talent training. The department has made steady progresses in all areas ever since. The Department of inorganic chemistry consists of a strong teaching and research team, including 3 full professors, 6 associate professors and 7 lecturers, all of whom are master or above academic degree holders. Many faculty members have received various awards for their achievements in research and education. Among them, 3 had been elected into "Qinglan" Project, an Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province.  


Department of inorganic chemistry teaching in undergraduate course at CPU, such as basic chemistry and basic chemistry experiment. Also it teaches in some elective courses, such as bioinorganic chemistry, preliminary application of common chemical software and elemental chemistry.


Inorganic Chemistry Department develops research in national and regional projects. The research work mainly focuses on the following aspects.  

Biomedical materials.

Composite materials.

Nanostructured materials.

Materials for energy storage and production.

Environment (Elimination of pollutants, purification).

Pharmaceuticals synthesis, green chemistry.

Computer aided drug design

Faculty Members

LIU Jing (Director)

CAO Fei (Secretary)

CAO Fengqi

CHEN Yadong

ZHANG Yansheng

LIU Haichun



LI Jiabin

LI Caolong


LI Hongmei


LU Junnong

HE Haijun

XIONG Yerong

YANG Yumei

XU Yisong

SHEN Yueling